2019 Program


Wednesday 23rd January


16.00-17.00        Artists meeting with good vibes, Radisson Grand Hotel Tammer

A warm-hearted event, in which you have a unique
opportunity to get to know the artists.

(English and Finnish)

Free entry


17.30-19.00        Minna’s methods – activity workshop, Pirte työterveysRatinan kauppakeskus

Minna Tervamäki (Star dancer of the Finnish National Ballet)
Thinking models and physical exercises for well-being and top performances
(Finnish only)

Tickets 35,00 €


Thursday 24th January


14.00-15.00        Finnish Association of Musical Medicine (SMULY), Pyynikkisali

Introduction of the new regional division of SMULY in Tampere
(incl. healthcare and prevention for musicians)
(Finnish only)

Free Entry


19.00                   The Opening Concert, Kulttuuritalo Laikku, Keskustori

W.A. Mozart: Flute Quartet in D major K. 285
Thomsen, Mitchell, Hernandéz, Pulkkinen

Igor StravinskiElegy

B. Bartók: Contrasts
Sundqvist, Ticciati, Kärkkäinen


W.A. Mozart: Clarinet Quintet in A major K. 581
Sundqvist, Szilvay, Mitchell, Hernandéz, Pulkkinen

Tickets 35,00 €, students and pensioners 25,00 €


Friday 25th January


10.00                    Meet the violinist Hugo Ticciati, Improvising a musical life, Pyynikkisali

 An open-ended exploration of how musical improvisation (or indeed any
improvising) can lead to the living a life with more freedom and spontaneity
Henri Bergson’s concept of ‘duration’, providing the leitmotif
(English only)

Tickets 15,00 €


12.00                   Midday concert, Kulttuuritalo Laikku, Keskustori

F. Mendelssohn: Piano Quartet no. 1 op.1
Kärkkäinen, Szilvay, Hernandéz, Pulkkinen

C.Debussy: Syrinx – Violin sonata
Thomsen, Mitchell, Kärkkäinen

J. Haydn: London Trio no. 1 in C major
Thomsen, Ticciati, Pulkkinen

Tickets 30,00 €, students and pensioners 20,00 €


14.00-15.15        Introduction to Mindfulness, Pirte työterveys, Ratinan kauppakeskus

Linda Elo (occupational health psychologist,
sports psychologist, psychotherapist trainee)
Awareness based stress management exercises
– helps alleviate; depression, fatigue, aches and pains,
stress caused by information overload.
(Finnish only)

Tickets 15,00 €


15.30-17.00       Minna’s methods – activity workshop, Pirte työterveys, Ratinan kauppakeskus

Minna Tervamäki (Star dancer of the Finnish National Ballet)
Thinking models and physical exercises for well-being and top performances
(Finnish only)

Tickets 35,00 €


19.00                   Concert Tampere Philharmonic, Tampere-Hall, Main auditorium

D. Shostakovich:
Cello Concerto no.1 in E-flat major op. 107, Soloist Robert Cohen



Saturday 26th January


10.00                   Meeting with Cellist Robert Cohen,
                             Practicing: Organisation and inspiration, Pyynikkisali

Practicing well is a Life Skill. It is the Art of Learning. Robert Cohen explains how to
be time efficient and highly productive, to find great enjoyment and satisfaction
in your daily work. It is a path to confidence and fulfilment.
(English only)

Tickets 15,00 €


14.00                   Creative discourse accompanied by dance and music, Pyynikkisali

Sources of creativity, inspiration, improvisation, reactions caused by inspiration
flow, composing process, spirit of the performance

Composer Sebastian Fagerlund, neurologist Seppo Soinila with artists of the festival
(Thomsen, Mitchell, Ticciati, Sundqvist, Cohen, Kärkkäinen, Tervamäki,
Martin, Sundset) 
Minna Tervamäki (host)
(Finnish and English)

Tickets 15,00 €


19.00                   Concert ”On the Sources of Inspiration”, Pyynikkisali

A. Pärt: Mozart-Adagio
Sundqvist, Cohen, Kärkkäinen

L. van Beethoven: Sonata for piano and violin no 5 in F major op.24, ‘Spring Sonata’
Mitchell, Kärkkäinen

S. Fagerlund: Fuel II
Sundqvist, Thomsen, Ticciati, Rummukainen, Kärkkäinen, Tervamäki, Sundset


T. Kõrvits: Singing over the sea
Sundqvist,Tervamäki, Sundset

T. Kõrvits: Dreamers
Thomsen, Ticciati, Tervamäki, Sundset

A. Dvořák: Piano Quintet No. 2 in A major, Op. 81
Kärkkäinen, Ticciati, Szilvay, Hernandéz, Cohen

Tickets 35,00 €, students and pensioners 25,00 €


Sunday 27th January


11.00-12.30        Science lecture, PhD Vesa Putkinen, Pyynikkisali

Music hits you between the ears: The brain mechanisms
behind the emotions awakened by music

Doctor of Psychology Vesa Putkinen explains the recent research findings
in the brain mechanisms behind the emotions caused by music, and the effects of
listening to music on ones wellbeing

Tickets 15,00 €


13.00-14.00        Clinic lecture, Pyynikkisali

Music Physiotherapist Satu Palo and the professor of
Strings at Sibelius Academy Réka Szilvay
Repetitive strain injury prevention and troubleshooting
(Finnish only)

Tickets 15,00 €


15.00                   Final Concert, Tampere-hall, Small auditorium

W.A. Mozart: Flute Quartet in C major K. 285b
Thomsen, Ticciati, Hernandéz, Cohen

Ticciati, Sundset, Tervamäki

 G. Fauré: Piano Quartet no.1 in C minor op.15
Kärkkäinen, Ticciati, Hernandéz, Cohen


J. Brahms: Clarinet Quintet in B minor op. 115
Sundqvist, Mitchell, Ticciati, Hernandéz, Rummukainen

Tickets 30,00 €, pensioners 20,00 €, students and children 15,00 €