Discussion Jari Sinkkonen – Robert Cohen, 21.1.2017

A panel discussion between child psychiatrist, Jari Sinkkonen and cellist Robert Cohen addressed topics such as obstacles and anxiety of performing artists and how a music teacher can give constructive feedback when his student experiences failure on stage.

Robert started his speech by confessing the experience of being one of the performing musicians for Tampere Chamber Music 2017 made him focus his attention on well-being and music together. “The question of well-being is a question of life. And music is also life.”

He continued with the power of music being a life-long discovery and how musicians have to push themselves in a way that creates resonance, vibrating energy directed to the public. Anxiety and stress is the opposite of that.
“To be in front of everybody, to be seen by everybody, is a high-stressed place.” and what the audience don’t always understand or appreciate is that it takes thousands of hours of preparation and thinking about music to build a single performance, a one-time moment.

You have to prepare for the adrenaline and experience it daily. During that preparation, your music teacher plays a key role in the mindset you take on stage if you’re at the beginning of your musical career. He or she can be a great mentor or can put you off creating music for ever, according to Jari. He even steps forward and asks musicians from the audience to share their experiences with him and Cohen.

It ends with an audience completely engaged and taking back home precious pieces of knowledge and wisdom.
Nevertheless, music is a gift of great value. And blessed are those capable of hearing it and letting their lives be touched by it. “The gift has to come to you and my gift is the music.” beautifully concludes Robert Cohen.