The opening concert of the Tampere Chamber Music festival took place on October the 1st at Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer. Representatives of the media as well as cultural contributors attended the event. According to the artistic director and a pianist Heini Kärkkäinen, the atmosphere of the Tampere Chamber Music opening concert was “festive, beautiful and favorable for culture and well-being”.

The chosen theme of the Tampere Chamber Music 2018 festival is the essence of the rhythm – time and timelessness. Time and it’s cyclicity are present during the concerts, of which themes reflect all four seasons. The festival ends in brunch concert, which is themed: anticipation, dreams and winter. The theme of rhythm is a subject of the festival lectures and workshops.

Well-being is one of the permanent themes of the Tampere Chamber Music festival. It’s a current topic, as music’s effect on one’s well-being has been addressed in many researches over the recent years. Kärkkäinen finds connecting art and science to be important, because” science has proven facts, which many musicians have found evident for a long time”. Science is present at the Tampere Chamber Music festival for example during a lecture of Petri Toiviainen, Academic Professor of Musicology. In his lecture, he discusses the effects of rhythm on body and brain.

Kärkkäinen is worried about the hectic nature of modern lifestyle, and during the festival she wants to highlight the importance of recovery: “Musicians profession can be hard and sometimes lonely. I want to create a festival in which these topics are open for discussion.” Tampere Chamber Music festival stands out from the traditional festivals with its diversity. The festivals lectures, concerts and workshops are an outstanding opportunity to meet other people interested in music and art.

Kärkkäinen welcomes people of all ages enjoying music to Tampere Chamber Music festival. The goal is to draw different people on the spot, who want to rejoice over music and learn something new. Music benefits everyone from novices to experts. According to Kärkkäinen “society needs music and art. We need a world, to which we can travel, if we so desire, a world that strengthens us”. This audience strengthening world of music is offered next February by Tampere Chamber Music festival.

Tampere Chamber Music festival will take place on 15.-18. February 2018. You can purchase your ticket from lippu.fi website.