Tampere Chamber Music created something new and was awarded a prize of 3000 euros for the Cultural Deed of the year 2017

Tampere Chamber Music -festival has been awarded the Cultural Deed of the Year 2017 -prize by the city of Tampere. Tampere Chamber Music was organized for the first time in last year’s January. It’s a novel chamber music festival combining music, art and science. The festival consists of concerts, lectures, work-shops and chamber music master classes, in which well-being is addressed from different perspectives. The festival also brings music and dance to people, who are not able to go to the concerts. It provides experiences for people who suffer from dementia or are in hospice care, and for children in hospital care.

The new concept for a chamber music festival was born from an idea of the artistic director Heini Kärkkäinen. She wanted to combine music and well-being with art and science. The on-going theme of the festival is “Music and Well-being play together”.

Joy and solace

-Through music you can process your feelings, both by playing and listening. Regardless of the genre, music can serve as consoler or enhancer, for example during a healing process. Last year revealed, that Tampere received the new Chamber Music -festival with joy, Kärkkäinen relates.

This year the festival will take place on 15.-18. January.

-We wanted to create an event taking place in Tampere during midwinter, at which time there are less events to participate in, and music as well dance bring joy amidst winters darkness, the project manager Ursula Helsky-Lehtola expresses.

Refine and enrich

The city of Tampere awards the Cultural Deed of the Year -prize yearly. The prize can be awarded to an event, a product, an organization or a person, who has refined and enriched the city’s cultural field with his or her presence and contribution. The ground for the prize is some especial endeavor in the cultural field. The residents of Tampere had the opportunity to nominate cultural contributors worth rewarding. The prize winner is elected by the Education and Culture Committee. The prize is worth 3000 euros and it was awarded at city hall on Monday.

Abridged version. Original text by Matti Kuusela

Aamulehti, 07.02.2018