Partnering with Tampere Chamber Music 2017

I first heard about the possibility of chamber music festival in Tampere in the summer of 2016, on a personal level, it clicked right away. Tampere has a rich culture and history of operas, philharmonic orchestra, choirs and a rich band culture from rock to pop. The summers are filled with festivals and happenings, but in the winter time everything seems to shut down. So, Chamber music Festival seemed like a natural continuum to all that and such elegant music and world-class artists were the kind of beam of light that anyone would be happy to have in the middle of a dark winter.

As a result, Agendium was more than happy to play a small part of making this all happen. For us as a company, it is important that Tampere is a lively city with a wide variety of happenings. With the festivals such as Tampere Chamber Music we can bring in people that benefit not only the festival and its organizers, but the whole area as a whole. And it is important that businesses show their support in the process. You never know where you might find your next connection or the biggest future customer, but being actively out and visible brings the possibility of that connection a tiny bit closer.

While my personal expectations for the festivals were high to begin with, Tampere Chamber Music managed to exceed them with flying colors. The artists that included Robert Cohen, Yuval Gotlibovich, Minna Pensola and many many more were fantastic and you could feel the warmth they had for each other as well as the audience. This was something you don’t see too often today and it is something to cherish.

The fact that the festival was organized by such a small number of people makes it all the more impressive. Heini Kärkkäinen and Ursula Helsky-Lehtola did a job that could have be divided between tens of people. But what they managed to build is a solid base for the future and many more Chamber Music Festivals to take place in Tampere. I can highly recommend any businesses to get involved in the process of creating the next Tampere Chamber Music festival and support the growth of our region and the festival.


Best wishes,

Mauno Ahlgren
Agendium Oy

“Agendium Oy on tamperelainen ohjelmistoyritys, joka auttaa ihmisiä saavuttamaan asioita yhdessä. Yrityksen uusin tuote Worklist-projektityökalu lanseetaan 02/2017. Worklist yhdistää yksinkertaisten to-do -listojen ihanuuden vaativampaan projektinhallintaan. Lisätietoja ja ensimmäisiä kokeilijan paikkoja tarjolla osoitteessa”