Robert Cohen pitää luennon ”How to practise” 26.1.2019 Tampere Chamber Music- festivaalilla



Organisation and inspiration.

Musicians spend thousands of hours learning and preparing for their performances. They face their strengths and weaknesses, their emotions and worries. Many people have expressed to me how frustrated they feel with their practise, their lack of system, their difficulties with being productive and positive. Ultimately their anxieties surface, mixed with frustration and disappointment at being unable to perform to the best of their ability.

In response to these and many other problems, I have created a lecture on Practising that lays out a clear and practical plan of action for positive and successful practising. A comprehensive training method for our minds and bodies.

I explain the journey of learning while answering fundamental questions on how to analyse and solve technical issues, how to handle the different stages of music preparation, and how to find enjoyment and fulfilment leading to a performance.

If you are looking to find satisfaction and a real sense of achievement while you study, looking to arrive at your performances feeling prepared and excited, please join me for this lecture.

Robert Cohen