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Tiina Lindfors is a founding member of Tanssiteatteri ERI, artistic director and dancer-choreographer. It has been typical of Lindfors' career that composers and orchestras have sought collaboration with her. Together with the composer Mikko Heiniö, Lindfors has already created five significant joint works of contemporary music and choreography. As a choreographer, Lindfors is often opinionated and emphasizes the theatrical potential of dance. In addition to the Nordic countries, Lindfors' dance and choreography have been seen in other parts of Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Photo: Shoja Lak

Lindfors is a popular lecturer and columnist for Turku Sanomat. She works actively to preserve the Swedish language and our country's bilingualism.

  • Almost 100 choreographies (in addition to Eri, e.g. Finnish National Ballet, Estonia Ballet, Helsinki Festival Weeks and Kuhmo Chamber Music)

  • Performed in more than 3000 dance shows

  • 11 TV productions, many of which have represented Finland in the Prix Italia and Golden Praha television program competitions

  • About 400 guest shows in total in 30 different countries

  • Pro Dance award 1987

  • Award of the Finnish Cultural Foundation 1999

  • Svenska Kulturfonden award 2005

  • Villa Karon Bronze Panther 2011

  • The Church's Culture Award 2011

  • Svenska Folkskolans Vänner's Sillanrakentaja award for investment and work to preserve the Swedish language and our country's bilingualism in 2018.

  • Lindfors was promoted to Åbo Akademi's honorary doctor of philosophy in the spring 2022 promotion.

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