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Doctor of Arts, Asta Raami is an intuition researcher, trainer and information writer. She defended her thesis on the use and development of intuition at Aalto University's Media Laboratory and also has degrees in design and education. Asta Raami has studied the development of creativity and intuition for more than 20 years and has trained university students and experts in various fields on the topics for 15 years.


Asta's works Smart intuition and how we use it (S&S 2016) and Intuitio3 – a connection to an impossible solution (Otava 2020) deal with the diversity and utilization of intuition. She

has also written and co-authored several Finnish and international publications dealing with the utilization of intuition in teaching, training and leadership. 

Photo: Kirsi Tuura

Currently, Asta works as an entrepreneur and trainer  for  and to train e.g. educational leaders on the themes of intuition and visionary leadership in cooperation with the University of Helsinki, in a project funded by the Finnish National Board of Education.

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