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Jukka Pekka Kouri


After his medical training in Tampere, Jukka Pekka Kouri specializes first in general medicine and then in physiotherapy in Helsinki. He has worked at the Orton Hospital in Helsinki as the chief physician of the pain clinic since 1993. He has been particularly interested in the treatment of severe pain and the many different treatments for pain. He is familiar with e.g. acupuncture, manual therapy, and many demanding medical pain procedures. Pain rehabilitation was started in Finland in 1993 in Orton and since the beginning it has included relaxation, music, or chi, acupuncture and multi-professional rehabilitation. Kouri is known as an active lecturer and also for years as a morning doctor at YLE TV1.

He has been the chairman of the Finnish Music Medicine Association in 2014-2016.

He participates as one of the experts in the activities of the Helsinki Music Hall's music school.

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