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Laura Ruohonen is a playwright, children's poet and director from Helsinki. Among Ruohonen's works, e.g. Queen K, Olga  and The War Tourists have been translated into almost 30 languages and performed on five continents.

Allakka pullakka, Yököpelit, Tippukivitapaus and Otus opus, published by Laura Ruohosen together with illustrator Erika Kallasmaa, have become modern beloved classics, based on which plays, award-winning children's music, a 13-part TV series, architecture and exhibitions have been born. Laura Ruohonen was professor of drama at Teatterikorkeakoulu in 2008-2013. He is the writer-in-residence of the Finnish National Theater and has been awarded e.g. At Pro Finlandia in 2010.

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