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Satu Silvo [3253] (Arkisto - Speakersforum).jpeg



Fairy tale Silvo(b. 1962) is an actor bursting with joy and energy, known by the whole nation, an open-minded entrepreneur and a popular lecturer. Silvo studied acting at the Theater Academy in 1981–1985, after which he was hired as an actor at the Helsinki City Theatre. Since 1994, Silvo has worked as a freelance actor in several theaters and in film and television productions.


At the Tampere Chamber Music festival, Silvo charms in two picture book concerts organized at the Moomin Museum: Fri 3 June. at 19:15 and Sat 4.6. at 5:30 p.m. The youngest in the family may recognize Silvo's voice as Moominamma from the Moomin Valley animation series.

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